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What to do When my Printer Stop Responding to my Computer?

      If you are here, then it surely means that you are facing the issue that your printer stops responding suddenly? Well don’t panic because we have mentioned some of the solutions you can follow to avoid this mishap in near future and disintegrate your work. No matter what’s the brand of the printer, these are very common issues and can take place anytime. Thus, it is important for you to know at least basic solutions. Now, without wasting your time let’s start 1.        Check all the Printer Connections - The first thing you can do when your printer suddenly stops responding is you can check all the cables and USBs connection. In case of USB printer try to connect it via USB port, and if you have a Wi-Fi printer then you might need to check whether printer is properly connected to the correct network. 2. Update the Printer’s Device Driver - ·          You have to open the device manager by pressing the Windows key + X simultaneously and choose the device manager from t

HP printer - Not Taking Commands from Computer

  HP has come so far and developed its name as one of the most trusted brands among the other A –listers. It is very well-known in the commercial area of working and has launched some of the best printers over the time. It also offers laptops, desktop computers, and all sorts of printers. But just like other machines, HP printers also have a common issue, faced by its users. The most common issue is printer won’t print. This issue can take place due to many reasons, which can vary from connectivity issue to faulty driver configuration.  If you want to resolve the issue you have three ways to catch up: ·          First, is to contact HP Printer Repair in Illinois . ·          Or you can search in your browser as printer repair near me . ·          Second contact on the toll-free number - +1(877) 894-5316 ·          The last option is you can try different methods given in this blog to solve the issue. Let’s get started, 1.        Basic troubleshooting - You can do so